Original Watch Art by Sunflowerman

Painted in Fort Worth, TX
Step into a world where time meets art at The Watch Preserve with our exclusive Original Watch Art collection by Sunflowerman. Known for his distinctive style that beautifully melds the intricacies of watch mechanics with the fluidity of watercolor, Sunflowerman brings each timepiece to life right in our Fort Worth shop. This collection features a series of original artworks that not only depict various iconic watches but also embody the spirit of horological beauty and craftsmanship. Read more about Sunflowerman ⇢
Sunflowerman is a renowned fashion and watch artist.

Drawing from rich experiences in global fashion capitals like London, Milan, Paris, and New York, he brings a unique perspective to watch artistry. Specializing in watercolor, his work captures the intricate details and craftsmanship of watches, emphasizing each timepiece's unique features through the fluid and transparent qualities of the medium. The artistic process involves deep research into each watch brand and model, followed by meticulous sketching and painting. This careful attention to detail is balanced with the spontaneous interactions of pigment and water, masterfully bringing the dynamic essence of each watch to life on canvas.

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