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The concept of the moonphase has deep historical roots, tracing back to ancient civilizations' quest to comprehend celestial movements. Originating long before it was featured in wristwatches, the moonphase was first mechanized in 205 BC with the Greek Antikythera mechanism, an early astronomical calculator that could display lunar positions and other celestial information. Centuries later, during the Renaissance, astronomical clocks within cathedrals showcased the moon's phases alongside models of the universe that placed Earth at the center. These clocks were a blend of timekeeping and celestial representation, a tradition that evolved into the moonphase complication seen in clocks by the 16th century and later in pocket watches. This fascination with the cosmos persisted into the 20th century, leading to its incorporation into modern wristwatches, including the development of the perpetual calendar by Patek Philippe in 1925. Over the centuries, the portrayal of the moon in timepieces has evolved from cherubic representations to more realistic depictions, with modern watchmakers employing advanced techniques like engraving to capture the moon’s detailed craters, reflecting ongoing enchantment with the lunar cycle.

Vintage Enicar Triple Date Moonphase 160 Men's Mechanical Wristwatch Swiss Runs



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