Vintage Watch Podcast Episode 001

on October 12, 2023

At The Watch Preserve, our commitment lies in introducing our enthusiastic community to the captivating universe of vintage watches. We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Vintage Watch Podcast, where we embark on an enlightening voyage. In our debut episode, we engage in a captivating conversation with Bryan, aka ArtDecoWristwatches, delving deep into the world of vintage timepieces.

In this first episode, Nik Libby, our founder, and host of the Vintage Watch Podcast, welcomes Bryan from ArtDecoWristwatches. Together, they explore the fascinating universe of vintage watches, with a particular focus on the timeless beauty of art deco timepieces. Here are some highlights from the episode:

1. A Collector's Journey: Bryan shares his personal journey into the world of vintage watch collecting. From his very first encounter with a vintage watch to becoming a reputable dealer and collector, his passion for these horological gems shines through.

2. Exploring Vintage Art Deco Watches: Dive into the elegance and sophistication of art deco watches. Bryan unveils the history, design elements, and distinctive features that make these timepieces coveted among collectors.

3. American Watch Heritage: Discover the rich history of American watch brands, including Hamilton and Elgin, as Bryan sheds light on their contributions to the world of watchmaking.

4. Adventures in Watch Collecting: Bryan recounts his most memorable watch finds, including an incredible story from a backpacking expedition in Africa. It's a testament to the thrill of the hunt that vintage watch enthusiasts know all too well.

This episode is just the beginning of our journey into the vintage watch world. We invite you to listen, learn, and immerse yourself in the stories, expertise, and passion that make vintage watches a timeless treasure.

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