A Day of Timeless Connections: Recap of The Watch Preserve’s Community Meetup

on April 21, 2024

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of hosting an extraordinary community event during the bustling Open Streets Festival in Fort Worth, TX. It was a day where horology enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike gathered to share their passion for the intricacies of watchmaking and the beauty of vintage timepieces.

The event kicked off with a mesmerizing live art session by the renowned @Sunflowerman, whose dynamic paintings captured the essence of our favorite timepieces in every brushstroke. The atmosphere was electric as attendees watched these horological artworks come to life.

Next, @garrinthewatchmaker showcased the precision and skills required in watchmaking but also invited attendees to get hands-on experience. Under Garrin's expert guidance, guests learned the basics of assembly, gaining a newfound appreciation for the craft.

History buffs enjoyed a captivating presentation by Unwind In Time, who delved into the fascinating history of Electric Watches. This session not only highlighted significant technological advancements but also painted a picture of the era that shaped modern watchmaking.

No Watch Preserve event would be complete without good food and great conversation. Local favorite @aubreystacosandtortas provided delicious tacos that were the perfect complement to the day's activities, keeping everyone energized and ready to explore more.

Adding to the day’s allure was a special appearance by Bryan from @artdecowristwatches, who displayed an exquisite collection of rare art deco watches. Attendees had the unique opportunity to view these elegant timepieces up close, discussing their design and historical significance with a knowledgeable expert.

As we reflect on the success of our meetup, we are reminded of the strong community spirit that unites all watch enthusiasts. The passion, curiosity, and camaraderie displayed by each attendee made the event truly memorable.

We are grateful for the opportunity to bring together so many people who share a love for vintage timepieces. Stay tuned for future events—we can't wait to welcome you again!