Join Us at The Watch Preserve's Community Meetup During Open Streets!

on March 31, 2024

Greetings, watch aficionados and festival-goers! We're beyond excited to share some big news with our cherished community. The Watch Preserve is thrilled to host a one-of-a-kind meetup that promises to blend the intricate world of horology with the vibrant atmosphere of Fort Worth's beloved Open Streets Festival. Picture a day where the meticulous craftsmanship of watchmaking and the energetic buzz of street festivities converge in one unforgettable experience. Here’s a detailed look at what we’re bringing to the table for this exceptional gathering. 


Artistry in Action with Sunflowerman

First up, prepare to be spellbound as the renowned Sunflowerman brings his extraordinary talent to our meetup. Known for his mesmerizing watercolor pieces that vividly capture the essence of timekeeping, Sunflowerman will be performing live art sessions. Watch as he transforms watch enthusiasm into breathtaking visuals right before your eyes. This is your rare opportunity to see art and horology dance together in a live setting.


Craftsmanship Unveiled by Garrin the Watchmaker

In a celebration of true watchmaking artistry, Garrinthewatchmaker will take you on a journey through the meticulous process of crafting timepieces. Stand side by side with a master of the trade and witness the awe-inspiring precision that goes into each watch. This hands-on demonstration will not only showcase the beauty of watchmaking but also the passion and dedication behind it. Plus, for those eager to try their hand at the craft, we'll have a watchmaking bench set up. Here, you'll have the unique opportunity to engage in watchmaking yourself, guided by experts. It's a chance to dive deeper into the horological world and experience the intricacy of watchmaking firsthand.


A Leap Through Time with Unwindintime:

Take a step back into history with Unwindintime’s captivating knowledge of Hamilton Electric Watch history. Dive deep into the narrative of how these pioneering timepieces set the stage for innovation within the watch industry. This historical journey promises to enrich your understanding of horology and its significant milestones.


Flavorful Feast by Aubreys Tacos and Tortas

What's a meetup without some delicious eats? Aubreys Tacos and Tortas will be serving up a selection of savory street tacos that promise to tantalize your taste buds. Indulge in the best flavors the streets have to offer and discover why no event is complete without a delectable feast to accompany it.


Event Details:

Location: The Watch Preserve - 1253 W. Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Date: Saturday April 13th

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Why You Should Join Us:

This event is not just a gathering; it's a celebration of passion, art, and community. Whether you're a dedicated collector, a lover of art, or simply in it for the delicious tacos, you'll find a place among friends and fellow enthusiasts at our meetup.


We can't wait to welcome you to The Watch Preserve for an event that promises to be as memorable as it is unique. See you there!