Vintage 33mm Elgin 2801
Vintage 33mm Elgin 2801
Vintage 33mm Elgin 2801
Vintage 33mm Elgin 2801
Vintage 33mm Elgin 2801
Vintage 33mm Elgin 2801

    Vintage 33mm Elgin 2801 "25"A Men's Mechanical Wristwatch Steel Incomplete

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    Item Description

    Product Description

    • Item: Wristwatch
    • Brand: Elgin
    • Model: "25"A
    • Reference: 2801
    • Movement: Mechanical
    • Case Material: Steel
    • Production Year:
    • Country:
    • Jewels:
    • Gender: Men's
    • Grade:
    • Caliber:
    • Size: 33mm
    • Pocket Watch Size:
    • Material:
    • Other Information:
    • About Elgin: First founded in 1864 as the National Watch Company, Elgin watches were produced out of Elgin, Illinois at the world's largest dedicated watch production facility of the time. By 1910 - Elgin had built an observatory to help with the accuracy of their timepieces. Like most watch manufacturers, Elgin moved to defense production during the second World War and produced military issue watches such as the well known Elgin A-11. After the war, production of Elgin watches slowed and they transferred production to South Carolina. As the influx of Swiss watches came into the market, the Elgin brand sold its entities in 1968, and the name rights of the company were subsequently re-sold in the following years. Although the Elgin National Watch Company no longer exists, their impact on American watch making is seen through their large catalog of excellent vintage watches.

    Product Measurements

    • Diameter: 33mm
    • Width:
    • Length:
    • Lug Width: 18mm
    • Tip to Tip of Lugs: 40mm
    • Inside Diameter:
    • Outside Diameter:
    • Inside Width:
    • Inside Length:
    • Band Width:
    • Clasp Width:
    • Endlink Width:
    • Diameter of Dial:

    Product Condition

    Poor, overall condition for its age. Running, but we dont know the last time it was serviced. This means, it can run unreliably, start or stop and timekeeping is not guaranteed. There are scratches on the case. There are scratches on the crystal. There is spotting on the dial. The band is not original. Likely movement has been swapped and it is missing the oscillating weight.

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