Unlocking the History of Your Longines Watch: A Guide to Obtaining Archive Information

on February 21, 2024

Longines Certificate of Authenticity


Longines, renowned for its rich heritage and meticulous craftsmanship, offers a unique service that allows watch owners to delve into the history of their timepieces. Through the brand's archive information service, collectors can access valuable insights and documentation, enriching their understanding and appreciation of their Longines watches.

Certificate of Authenticity

Longines has meticulously recorded the serial numbers of its watches since 1867, providing a cherished service to admirers worldwide. To obtain archive information about your Longines watch, simply provide the serial number, typically engraved on the back, inside the case back, or on the movement itself. High-quality photographs of the watch, including the dial, case back, and movement, are also required. It's essential to note that Longines does not provide estimations of the watch's current value, as this depends on various factors best assessed by specialists in the antiques market.

Time Frames

The process of obtaining archive information from Longines typically follows specific time frames:

  • Information by Email: Expect to receive information by email within 1 to 2 weeks after submitting your request.
  • Extract from the Archives: For a detailed extract from the Longines archives, including historical information about your timepiece, the process takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks, excluding shipping time.
  • Certificate of Authenticity: If you require a certificate signed by Longines' President, the authentication process takes around 3 months, excluding shipping time.

How to Request

If you own a Longines watch and wish to request archive information or a certificate of authenticity, visit the Longines website and fill out the contact form. Choose the reason for contacting as "Historical information on a Longines watch" and provide all necessary details, including the watch's serial number and photographs. Be sure to indicate the nature of your request clearly for prompt assistance.

Extract from the Archives

Upon request, Longines provides an extract from its archives on official Longines paper in English. This document details the information kept in the Longines archives about each timepiece, including historical insights. The service is free of charge but requires the submission of the watch's serial number, high-quality photographs, and your full postal address.

For further inquiries or to initiate the archive information request process, contact Longines via this link.

Certificate of Authenticity

For an authenticated certificate signed by Longines' President, watch owners can send their timepiece to Longines for examination. This service incurs a fee of 300 USD, covering the authentication process and documentation. Additionally, clients are responsible for shipping costs and import duties associated with sending the watch for authentication.

By leveraging Longines' archive information service, collectors can unlock the fascinating history and heritage of their cherished timepieces, adding depth and value to their watch collections.